East Sussex WRAS attend emergency goose rescue at Arlington reservoir

East Sussex WRAS have rushed out to Arlington Reservoir to a collapsed Pink Footed Goose this morning (Thursday).

It was initially thought the goose was dead, but as they approached and touched the goose it suddenly moved.

Trevor Weeks said, “The poor goose was so cold, absolutely freezing cold.”

They carried the goose up to the top of the dam and onto the grass where it could be better assessed.

Trevor said, “The poor creature was in a bad way so we placed her inside a pillow case for security and additional warmth.”

Hugging the goose and keeping it close to his body and resting the bird’s feet on his arms helped to warm them up.

Once back at WRAS’s ambulance the goose was wrapped in special padded foil blankets and was driven back with the heating on to help increase warmth.

The Goose is hypothermic and dehydrated. WRAS’s Care Team are now battling to save its life.

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/lROG8XmuAtA

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