Hailsham Best Festive House

It’s time to recognise people in Hailsham who put on an amazing display at Christmas in our exclusive competition to find the most festive house in the town.

The Hailsham Best Festive House competition has been launched and you can now vote for your favourite home – the winner will receive a £40 gift voucher to enjoy a meal at the Royal Indian in South Road.

You can nominate your favourite festive house in Hailsham by uploading your photos below, or vote for your favourite if it already appears. The Winner will be announced on 24th December 2018.

Rules & Prizes

Terms and conditions of the 2018 Hailsham Best Festive House Competition.

1    About the Competition

1.1    The Hailsham Best Festive House Competition is owned and run by Hailsham News and Talk Facebook group and website.

1.2    The competition is a free to enter annual competition aimed at rewarding residents for decorating their homes for Christmas.

1.3    The Hailsham Best Festive House Competition is free to enter.

1.4    Competition opens for entries on 12 noon, Sunday 2 December 2018.

1.5    The deadline for the entries is 12 noon, Sunday 23 December 2018.

1.6    Winners will be announced on our Facebook page and website.

2    Conditions of Entry

2.1    All entries must be submitted through the Hailsham News and Talk website.

2.2    Entrants are permitted to enter 1 image to the competition via the website.

2.3    Entries must be submitted digitally.

2.4    Image entry file size must not exceed 4MB, and is recommended to be at least 1200 pixels on the longest length.

2.5    Images must be submitted by 12 noon on 23 December 2018.

2.6    Images must not include watermarks, borders, or signatures.

2.7    Black and white images are eligible for all categories.

2.8    All entries will be reviewed by an admin to create a shortlist. Shortlisted entrants will be published on the competition page on the website.

2.9   Hailsham Best Festive House Competition is open to all - apart from anyone associated with the competition including employees (and their partners and family), board and committee members, ambassadors, media sponsor and judges.

2.10    The entrant must be the original artwork creator and solely hold the copyright.

2.11    Images must not be licensed or disposed of any rights that will conflict with the competition. Images that have been made available on stock libraries and that may have gained publicity from this may be disqualified at the judges’ discretion

2.12    Images that have won or been commended or received notable publicity in any major competition before the submission deadline or judging will be disqualified at the judges’ discretion.

2.13    It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure that all necessary permissions are obtained from any person featured in a photograph.

2.14    Digital adjustments that maintain the integrity of the image are allowed.

2.15    It is not permitted to make any major physical change to the image.

2.16    Accepted digital adjustments include dodging and burning, changes to tone and contrast and cropping, as well as High Dynamic Range im7ging techniques, stitched panoramas and focus stacking.

2.17   The admin may request the RAW file(s) or original camera jpeg(s) for any shortlisted image, if it deems that image does not follow the restrictions on digital manipulation and reserves the right to disqualify any image that it feel lacks authenticity.

3.    Winner

3.1    The overall winner of the Hailsham Best Festive House Competition will be decided by the way of a voting system on the website.

3.2    Only one vote per person, per entry is permitted

4.    Prizes

4.1    Prizes will be awarded to the winner of Hailsham Best Festive House Competition.

4.2    Second and third places will not be awarded.

4.3    The prizes are non-transferable.

4.4    The admin reserves the right to substitute the whole or part of any listed prize with an alternative of equal monetary value (but the entrant shall not have any right to demand this).

4.5    The prizes must be claimed within one year of the competition winners being announced or will be forfeited.

5    Copyright and Usage

5.1    Entrants remain the copyright holder to any images submitted by themselves.

 The Hailsham Best Festive House Competition and its partners and sponsors will not use awarded entries outside the scope of the competition.

5.2    The entrants agree to free usage sub-licensing the shortlisted images for press articles or any other external communications related to the competition.

5.3    After the winners have been announced entries will be deleted, apart from those that have been shortlisted.

5.4    The entrant is responsible for any claim made by a third party against the submission.

6    Disclaimer

6.1    The information given in these Terms & Conditions is correct, but Hailsham News and Talk reserves the right to change any of it without prior notice. By entering the competition, entrants will be deemed to have agreed to be bound by these Terms & Conditions. Any breach of these Terms by an entrant will void their entry. If a breach has occurred, but is discovered after the award of a prize, then the organisers may require the return of that prize.

7    Data protection

7.1    In entering the competition, you agree to Hailsham News and Talk using your details to process your application, only.

7.2    By entering, you also agree that if selected as a winner of any prize or medal, the admin may share your details with any potential future sponsor for the purpose of publishing the details of all winners (including the winning images), only.

7.3    Further information can be found here: http://www.hailshamnewsandtalk.co.uk/privacy-policy/. We respect your privacy and will never sell your data to any third party.