Hailsham pulls together to help family in need

We last reported on the Moors family when a local painting company offered their services to help make a less than perfect house habitable for them and, specifically, for their daughter who has specific health needs.

Viktoria Cowley writes on the heart-warming story of a Hailsham family in need and the incredible people of the town who pulled together to make dreams come true…

We are delighted to update you with the news that the house is finished and the Moors family have moved, and settled into, their new house.  It has taken some adjustment being on the other side of town, as they have had to leave their old friends and get used to new neighbours.  However, having met the Moors family it has become very clear why so many were so keen to help.

Coleen and Aaron have explained Lorenna’s condition and how she’s transformed in just the last few days alone.

A recent series of hospital appointments has seen Lorenna and her parents working towards taking her off her ventilator during the day.  In the last 24 hours Coleen has updated Hailsham News & Talk that Lorenna had managed a whole 12 hours without being fitted to her ventilator.  This means Lorenna is able to get around the house without the cumbersome ventilator being wheeled behind her wherever she goes.  This is a huge milestone in Lorenna’s development and she has completely surpassed all the Doctors’ prognosis that this could never be achieved.

However, if you had met Lorenna, as I had, you will understand how she is able to achieve what she has.  I was only with her for what seemed like a fleeting moment but in this time I could see what a happy child she is with such a positive attitude and having the close-knitted family she has the bond between her and her siblings is nothing but heart-warming.  The condition Lorenna has seems not to phase her in the slightest, although difference between her and her brother and sister is obvious, Lorenna simply makes it her business to be their equal.

I found the way in which Lorenna accepted me – a total stranger – and chose to sit with me and cuddle with me, so endearing and this is reflected throughout the family.  The honesty and openness of her condition and the trials they have endured over the weeks and months has made it clear why so many people have taken this family into their hearts.

Going back just a few weeks, when Coleen saw the house for the first time, despite the accommodation being perfect, the house was nothing but.  Paul Henderson from A Brush With Fate, was the first to answer a desperate call from Coleen, mum of three, who had visited a new house which was identified to better accommodate the family, but the house was in a state of disrepair.  In order to move in, the house needed a complete overhaul, redecoration and carpeting throughout and making the rear garden contained and safe for the children.

Paul says, “I contacted the family to offer my services.  At the time I had no idea what was in store but I knew some really good friends who would help, I had a chance to meet the family and Lorenna and I was blown away by how they just get on with it and it’s normal.  To me it was a shock and couldn’t imagine what it would be like in that situation.

“I had a chance to look at the new house.  Coleen had told me she cried when she saw it and I could see why, it was a mess – damp and paper falling off!  This called for Nic Howard Robert Hersey and Marc Fewell who generously gave up 2 whole days and nights to help, and more days to follow.”

“I had planned to use materials I had in my stores but this was beyond that, so I contacted Karl Wilkinson at Decorators Warehouse in Hailsham and told him what we were doing.  He was amazing and supplied lots of materials completely free of charge.  By this point with the workload stacking up I reached out for more help and was amazed by the kind responses.”

So the help kept coming in, Killian Callender from Callender’s Restaurant in Hailsham cooked a wonderful breakfast free of charge [on the morning of the initial works].  Decorators Forum on Facebook really came up trumps with people from all the country making donations.  Rob at PRJ Distribution Ltd. (Ed James) drove all the way from Brighton to deliver Wooster decorating kits with rollers, poles, brushes and another batch of mythic paint.  Wendy Pritchard made a mountain of amazing cakes. Tom Bilton offered gardening services.

Ian Wooler gave them a massive push with a long day on the brush, Lucy Coker and Marc drove from Portsmouth to help and worked tirelessly, Jade Gee very kindly offered to help paint and turns out was the most qualified out of all of them!

Jonathan Tilby gave them a much needed boost just as they were flagging, probably not helped by Viv Samuel from the Royal Indian in Hailsham, with three cases of Cobra lager.

This family, from the beginning to the very end of this housing journey has been nothing but challenging, endearing and heart-warming.  It has been a pleasure and a privilege to follow the story and meet the family, and the people of Hailsham and further afield who have had a hand in this journey.

Paul Henderson and his team: A Brush With Fate (and Dani Henderson) would like to give special thanks to: Nic Howard; Robert Hersey; Marc Fewell; Ian Wooler; Tom Bilton; Lucy Coker; Jade Gee; Jonathan Tilby; Karl Wilkinson, who supplied decoration materials, Killian Callender: supplied breakfast at Callender’s; Ed James from PRJ Distribution Ltd – Supplying decorating materials; Wendy Pritchard – supplying cakes for workers; Viv Samuel – provided refreshments from Royal Indian.

Thanks also go to: Chris Berry for setting up the gofundme pageHaulaway, Steve Walton – provided a skip at their old place to dispose of rubbish; PJ Skips, Nick Ellwood – provided a 12 yard and 6 yard skip; Simon Fleet for supplying the carpets and flooring throughout the property at a reduced fee; Paul Henderson – A Brush With Fate for painting and decorating the entire property and painting murals for the children’s bedrooms.

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